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accelerate, accomplish, accomplished fact, accomplishment, account, achieve, achievement, acknowledgment, acquaintance, address, administration, advice, agility, air speed, air-express, airfreight, airmail, alacrity, annihilate, announcement, answer, assassinate, assassination, attain, attainment, bane, bereave of life, billet, blood, bloodletting, bloodshed, blue book, braining, briefing, briskness, bulletin, bump off, bundle, bury, business letter, bustle, carry away, carry off, carrying out, celerity, chit, chloroform, commission, communication, communique, compass, complete, completion, conclude, conduct, consign, consume, consummate, consummation, convey, cope with, crowd, cut down, cut off, data, datum, deal with, dealing death, decisiveness, deprive of life, destroy, destruction, destruction of life, devour, directory, discharge, disposal, dispose of, do, do away with, do for, do in, do the job, do the trick, do to death, document, down, drive on, drop a letter, eat up, effect, effectuate, effectuation, eliminate, embark, embassy, enact, enactment, end, enlightenment, epistle, erase, euthanasia, evidence, execute, execution, expedite, expedition, expeditiousness, export, express, exterminate, extermination, facts, factual information, fait accompli, familiarization, fastness, favor, fetch, finish, finish off, flight, flit, flow of blood, flurry, forward, freight, fruition, fulfill, fulfillment, gen, general information, get, get away with, get done, get down, get through, goodwill, gore, ground speed, guidebook, gun down, handle, handling, handout, hard information, haste, hasten, hasten on, hie on, hit, hurry, hurry along, hurry on, hurry up, hustle, hustle up, ice, immediacy, immediateness, immolate, immolation, implementation, incidental information, info, information, ingest, instantaneousness, instruction, intelligence, kill, killing, knock off, knots, knowledge, lapidation, launch into eternity, lay, letter, light, lightning speed, line, liquidate, lynch, mail, make, make away with, manage, management, martyr, martyrdom, martyrization, martyrize, mention, mercy killing, message, miles per hour, mission accomplished, missive, murder, news item, nimbleness, note, notice, notification, perform, performance, perpetration, piece, pneumatogram, poison, poisoning, polish off, post, precipitate, precipitation, presentation, press, produce, production, promotional material, promptitude, promptness, proof, publication, publicity, punctuality, punctualness, purge, push, push on, push through, put away, put down, put to death, put to sleep, quicken, quickness, railroad through, rapidity, readiness, realization, realize, release, remit, remove from life, reply, report, rescript, ritual killing, ritual murder, round pace, route, rpm, rub out, rush, rush along, rustle, sacrifice, send, send away, send forth, send off, sharpness, ship, shooting, sidelight, silence, slaughter, slay, slaying, smartness, snappiness, speed, speed along, speed up, speediness, spryness, spur, stampede, starve, statement, stoning, story, succeed, success, summariness, surround, swallow, swift rate, swiftness, take care of, take down, take in, take life, take off, taking of life, telegram, the dope, the goods, the know, the scoop, transact, transaction, transmission, transmit, tuck in, turn the trick, urge, velocity, waste, whip, whip along, white book, white paper, word, work, work out, zap

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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